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The Window Tinting Process

How Does Window Tinting Work?

Much like applying wraps to vehicles, window tinting can be difficult to master. That's why our specialist team is highly trained to ensure they carry out vehicle and building window tints to the highest possible standard. If you want to know more about the window tinting process from start-to-finish with Window Tinting Bethesda Pros, read below!

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windshield tinting in Bethesda Maryland.

Booking Your Appointment

Before we get around to applying window tint to your car or windows, the first step is figuring out what you need – and provide a free quote for our services. We don't believe in one solution for all windows at Bethesda Pros, so we want to know what you want and why you want it ahead of time. For cars and trucks, there may be specific regulations we need to obey, while building window tints may differ depending on exactly what you're looking for.

Once we've got a good idea of what you want, we can quote you based on our professional installation costs and the cost of the film itself. We use only the highest-quality window film in our installs from brands like SunTek and 3M, and these costs can vary depending on the style, type, and depth of tint you want to achieve. Once everything is arranged, we'll book in an appointment to come and install your window tint at a convenient location for you.

Installation Day

Our team of professional window tinters will show up on time to install your window tint. They will start by carefully cleaning and drying all surfaces that tint is to be applied to. For commercial and residential window tint installs, this may mean the need for scaffolding as window tint is more effective outside the glass than the inside. The film is then laid on the surface to be tinted, and a heat gun is used to shrink it in place. Any excess is then trimmed, and the film is correctly fitted in place.

Our installation team takes great care to install window tint film correctly, ensuring all bubbles are removed and that the film is perfectly fitted to the window. Once the installation is complete, we will do a final inspection both inside and outside to ensure the fit is perfect and the tint works appropriately. After that, you can enjoy the quality of our work and enjoy the benefits of your new tinted windows.

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man facing the window tinting a home in


Following installation, it can take up to three full weeks for your film to dry 100%. As such, we always recommend that, for vehicle tints, you don't roll your window for at least three days. Similarly, we recommend you not tamper with, open, or clean the exterior of windows for at least a few days after installation for building installs.

Ready To Get Started?

If tinted windows on your vehicle or property sound like the ideal choice for you, get in touch with Window Tinting Bethesda Pros today. We'd be happy to provide a free quote for our professional, expert services. Click the button below to get the process started today!

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